Employers: Why Choose PaydayPERX?

      • PaydayPERX offers a turnkey discount program you can offer online AND on your paper checks and W-2s
      • PaydayPERX provides free or deeply discounted check and direct deposit stock to reduce a hard cost of doing business
      • PaydayPERX brings unique discounts to your employees on your existing online employee portal with easy installation of a single line of HTML code
      • PaydayPERX grows with your company as you transition from paper to online to mobile applications – now and in the future

National Brands: Why Choose PaydayPERX?

      • PaydayPERX provides easily tracked Return on Investment (ROI) data to merchants
      • The average online offer is only 46% viewable – but PaydayPERX delivers nearly 100% viewability – inside employer portal logins
      • PaydayPERX offers a wide spectrum of consumer income, age, gender, geography and behavioral demographics
      • PaydayPERX offers are uniquely tied to the workplace, payroll and actual paychecks, for reaching consumers when they have cash in hand to spend

What Clients Say

There’s a receptive audience, and the timing is perfect.
Kevin Leek, H&R Block, Director of Business Development
We used an aggressive offer and it definitely paid off, especially with employees at Darden and Kroger. It’s the best method we have used to reach the working people while they’re actually at work! The campaign also ran strong up to expiration rather than dropping off after the first week.
Mark Tishkoff, Standing Comfort Footware, Owner
Employees like the offers, and the program is very easy to manage.
Payroll Director, Major Supermarket Chain