Why Choose Us

      • PaydayPERX provides between three to ten times ROI to many of its customers
      • PaydayPERX saves our at work partners collectively over 1.5 million in consumable paper costs per year.
      • PaydayPERX provides nearly one million dollars in revenue share to its distribution partners.
      • PaydayPERX provides custom non-traditional marketing solutions designed to reach audiences when they are ready to make purchasing decisions.

What Clients Say

There’s a receptive audience, and the timing is perfect.
Kevin Leek, H&R Block, Director of Business Development
We used an agrressive offer and it definitely paid off, especially with employees at Darden and Kroger. It’s the best method we have used to reach the working people while they’re actually at work! The campaign also ran strong up to expiration rather than dropping off after the first week.
Mark Tishkoff, Standing Comfort Footware, Owner