Through our W-2 Early Access Program, PaydayPERX allows for your employees to access their W-2s and file for their refund online before they have even received their hard copy. This is accomplished by your company uploading its W-2 file onto a secure server. The W-2s will then be accessible only after security verification by each individual employee.

When an employee logs on to their tax preparers website at home, their information automatically populates in the correct fields so it does not need to be entered in manually.

Files are sent via a secure server directly to the tax preparer and can only be accessed through employee security verification. We utilize industry standard SSL certificates for data messaging security. SSL technology has a verifiable history in the industry for liability and safety.

Provides an additional benefit to employees without adding any cost to your bottom line.

Employees can file for their refunds up to three weeks earlier than if they have to wait for their W-2s to be posted online or mailed.