Program Overview
As postage costs continue to rise, PaydayPERX Media (PDP Media) has found a way to help companies generate significant ancillary revenue to help offset these costs. We are a full service marketing company that specializes in direct mail and statement marketing. We partner with national brands to help create offers to be placed into your customer’s statements and invoices. We offer a revenue sharing program to help increase your bottom line and the ability to reduce your customer’s costs! Our participating partners earn between $.04 to $.06 per statement. Many partners use this revenue to reduce costs to create a competitive edge to earn new business.

Here is How it Works

  • Develop formal relationships with companies that send out regular statements or third party companies that do print/mail as core competency
  • We provide the ability for your company to approve every single offer prior to being printed or placed
  • All your company has to do is place offers in or on statements and invoices to be sent to end users