The PaydayPERX Story

Where we came from

Founded in 2001 as ChekAds, we got our start printing local offers on local business payroll checks in Central Ohio on a small scale, but very rapidly gained the attention of regional employers who liked the idea of getting great discounts for employees and at the same time, getting a huge price break on their payroll check stock costs. Growing those relationships led us to larger and larger printing partners, and through them we were able to help even more regional and national businesses reduce a fixed business cost while bringing desirable discounts on national brand products and services to every employee. By 2005 we were no longer the same local company, and a name and branding change to PaydayPERX positioned us for success at a national level. Despite the increase in size and scope, we remain dedicated to a two-pronged value metric; delivering value for employers (and their employees) through reduced business forms and relevant discounts, and delivering value to national brands with access to millions of employees across a variety of age, education, location and income level demographics.

What we’ve done

PaydayPERX has been providing free high-quality business forms paired with great offers from national brands since 2001, when we launched with our original paper payroll check products in the midwest under the brand name ChekAds. As we moved into a national rather than regional marketplace we changed the name to PaydayPERX to reflect our broader range and product scope. Our tax form program launched in 2006, rapidly growing to over twelve million total forms, envelopes and inserts reaching five thousand companies with unique offers from H&R Block™, Jackson Hewitt™ and Sprint™. In 2008 we launched version 1.0 of our online payroll product that seamlessly adds special employee offers to existing employer payroll internet/intranet sites; version 5.1 was released at the beginning of 2015. Also in 2015 we launched our labor law poster ride-along program, which utilizes our existing relationships with tax forms and compliance printers to deliver special employee offers from national brands while reducing the price of state-mandated OSHA posters.

What we do

Our product set in the at-work space is unrivaled. PaydayPERX is the only national company offering a discounted W-2/tax forms program as well as a discounted print check program, and that’s only the beginning. Our online program saves HR teams the time and hassle of managing employee discounts, and IT teams the time and hassle of securely managing the images and links to those discounts on company internet and intranet sites, delivering millions of views of valuable offers inside the employee login to national brands. We also host free, full-blown online employee discount sites customized for employers with thousands of special offers for their workforce. We offer a revenue sharing program for online tax forms to employers so that they not only eliminate the cost of paper, but generate additional cashflow at the same time they offer employees valuable discounts on relevant tax prep services. And we can reduce the cost of required state and federal labor law posters by including an additional poster from a national brand with a special offer for employees to enjoy.

PaydayPERX has flourished in the at-work media space by rewarding customers and building on win-win partnerships since 2001. The world has changed, HR has changed, and PaydayPERX has grown to meet those changes in a positive way.

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