Printed Checks are where we started.

Originally a local solution for large employers in the Central Ohio area, our program that brought merchant offers to the backs of printed checks has grown to a massive national program supplying a significant proportion of printed check forms to staffing, supermarket and other verticals where live paper checks are still the payment method of choice. While the prevailing trend has long been moving away from printed live checks, they still represent a large and unavoidable cost of doing business for many large employers with hourly and tip-wage workers. While our business has expanded into digital and other spaces to move with demand, we have not left behind our original model and it continues to save companies hundreds of thousands annually on payroll live check and direct deposit paper stock.

How the paper check program works

PaydayPERX fulfills companies’ payroll check form needs by replicating their security stock with branding and check numbering intact, and shipping it every two months, pre-printed with beneficial offers for employees. Depending on volume and security features, the checks may be produced at no cost to the employer, or cost only a fraction of the actual production expense, because the national brand offers are subsidizing the rest of the price. Employers approve all offers before they print, and can exclude categories based on vertical conflicts or brand competitors. The process is generally easier and much less expensive than production of blank stock.

Paper Check Program Benefits

The higher the volume of paper check usage, the more dramatic your savings are! These are YOUR company checks – produced by national printers – ideally, by your existing printer – customized to match your printing requirements, with your check face, numbering, and print requirement layout. Transition impact is minimal to none. Simply use the check stock provided when running payroll, and go about business as usual. The difference is in how little the cost is – not in how the checks look or work! The check stock we provide is of equal or superior quality to the stock you are currently using, featuring a range of fraud protection options such as void pantographs, watermarks, micro and uv-dull printing, and fluorescent fibers to match or exceed the printed stock you currently use.

The real beneficiary is your team of full time and part time employees receiving the great discounts on food, wireless phones, retail items, movie and theme park tickets, satellite TV services, tax prep, and other products and services. It’s an instant employee discount program that you don’t need to do anything to manage or promote, because the offers are pre-printed and employees will see them on every check.


National Brands with Special Discounts on Stock Include:

  • Sprint
  • H&R Block
  • Direct TV
  • BW3’s
  • Rent A Center
  • Humana
  • Jenny Craig
  • US Bank
  • AMC/Regal Theaters
  • Skechers
  • Aaron’s Rent
  • Privacy Patrol
  • Tickets at Work

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