Great Offers delivered to the pages your employees already use.

Online payroll systems often have unused white space on inside pages. Now you can make use of that space by adding great discounts and offers for your employees with a simple PaydayPERX script!

PaydayPERX provides offers from national brands that appear on your existing payroll portal/employee hub via a short and simple iframe or javascript. Your employees perceive these discounts and unique savings as coming from you – PaydayPERX remains invisible in the process. Run just a placard on your page with up to six offers, or include a link to your own discount site with 1200+ additional offers for employees on a site branded specifically for your company

Implementation is quick, and is a set-it-and-forget-it process; once installed, you never need to do any offer changeouts yourselves. Offers you approve will appear on your placard hands free. We also provide all back-end support if an employee has a question or issue with any redemption.

Sample of a PaydayPERX Online Placard

Discounts and unique offers from National Brands

The PaydayPERX online placard brings great discounts from national brands to your employees on your existing payroll/HR hub:

  • Sprint
  • H&R Block
  • Direct TV
  • BW3’s
  • Rent A Center
  • Humana
  • Jenny Craig
  • US Bank
  • AMC/Regal Theaters
  • Skecher Shoes
  • Quicken Loans
  • Dish Network
  • PLUS: Add on a PaydayPERX discount site link and bring 1200+ additional offers to your employees from a single click!

Options for Print and Online

PaydayPERX has been connecting employers to great employee discounts since 2001. As the payroll process has gone online and away from paper checks, PaydayPERX has evolved as well to not only acquire the best special discounts, but also the simplest to manage, and the easiest for employees to actually find and utilize online. If you print paper checks, PaydayPERX can provide you your existing paper stock at reduced cost or for free; if you also (or exclusively) manage your payroll online, PaydayPERX delivers a fast and headache-free online employee discount placard and discount site with 1200+ additional offers for employees to enjoy.

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