Envelopes, Forms, and Inserts for Tax Season!

W-2 forms and envelopes
PaydayPERX has been a premiere provider of inserts, free W-2 envelopes and revenue sharing in the tax form space since 2006. Because of our strong relationships with printers and with national brand tax preparation services, we are able to offer a premium printed product with flexible benefits for employers and the employees receiving special offers on tax preparation services. Over 12 million PaydayPERX W-2 impressions occur inside the once-per-year tax season window.

Large employers benefit from our W-2 program which can eliminate tax form and tax envelope costs, and statement printers can generate revenue from their year-end 1099 mailings. Any tax-related documentation may be available for cost-reduction, with preprinted forms, envelopes and inserts.

  • PaydayPERX supplied over 12 million tax envelopes as well as pressure-sealed forms and inserts sent to employees of more than 5 thousand companies in 2015.
  • Insert programs are IRS-validated and fully compliant with existing regulations
  • Offers are unique and not found in any other advertising media during tax season
  • Potential for free forms, free envelopes, free shipping or revenue sharing depending on volume – the higher volume, the better
  • Accommodates standard and custom forms and envelopes, pressure seal or cut sheet, etc
  • Online program delivers the same benefits via your existing online portal! Find out more on our Online W-2 Program page.

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