Through our partnership with major W-2 and tax form printers, PaydayPERX is happy to announce our newest at-work product – Quarterly Employee Discount Posters!

Quarterly Poster in the breakroom

Quarterly Breakroom Posters

How Quarterly PaydayPERX Posters Work

Many national brands have negotiated great discounts for employees who work for large employers with 300 or more locations. Informing those employees about those discounts is sometimes very difficult, and if employees don’t know about the discounts, they won’t take advantage of them. Employees don’t see the benefit, and the national brands miss out on the business.

One of the most engaging ways PaydayPERX now offers to national brands is a quarterly poster that we pay to produce and ship to every location. The national brand has an 18×22 space to go into detail about their discounts and special offers for employees, and the employer can be confident that employees know and will take advantage of these special offers. Best of all, the employer will receive a $10 reward for each breakroom poster that is hung up, to apply to their employee goodwill account, their charity accounts, or to use as they see fit. That means if you have 300 locations that hang a poster, the national brand rewards you with $3,000 every quarter; if you have 5,000 locations they reward you with $50,000 every quarter – and with 4 posters per year the rewards add up quickly.

What makes Quarterly PaydayPERX Posters Great

  • Posters are highly visible, but non-disruptive; they don’t interfere with productivity to get their point across.
  • All costs for production and shipping to each location are paid by the national brand, not you.
  • Quarterly posters ensure the offers don’t get stale.
  • Offer posters from national brands highlight existing employee discounts available to all part time and full time employees.
  • PaydayPERX handles all the logistics; we can ship to your sites directly off your provided address list or send to you and reimburse your poster shipping costs.
  • Employees engage with the poster multiple times per quarter, ensuring they know and take advantage of the discounts available to them.
  • $10 per hung poster with 4x mailings per month adds up quickly for employee goodwill, charity or other applications.
  • Posters are printed specifically for your company; flexible program will be adapted to your unique needs and deployment preferences

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