PaydayPERX can broker virtually any segmentation of target employers in the US, whether by Media Market/DMA, by vertical, white collar or blue collar. Choose from a wide variety of filters to create your focused and highly relevant marketing campaign. PaydayPERX helps you all the way – because on average, the best planned targeted marketing campaigns yield nearly 60 times the response rates of poorly planned, shotgun approaches.

Enjoy successful sampling and couponing inside corporate borders

Building the most effective campaigns can take extra planning within your marketing teams, but the execution side with PaydayPERX is convenient and reliable. How does it work?

  1. Connect with a PaydayPERX campaign expert to ensure you’re building on an optimal foundation.
  2. Determine the scope and specific targeting of your campaign from over 30 potential selection filters.
  3. PaydayPERX will run counts of your overall distribution based on the filters you provide and the budget you want to land on.
  4. PaydayPERX will help you adjust filters to deliver a complete proposed statement of work.
  5. When you accept the statement of work, PaydayPERX reaches out to each employer to confirm opt-in for your specific program. No sample, coupon, poster or other material are sent to targets unless they have specifically agreed to them first; combined with effective targeting in determining which employers to reach, your campaigns will show effectively better performance compared to less targeted and/or less engaged audiences.

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