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Long-Term Reliability:

PaydayPERX has been a reliable provider of secure forms, great discounts, and successful programs for over 16 years.

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Employee Expectations:

Employees expect discounts as a perk of their employment, and they want them to be useful, dynamic, and easy to find.

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Employer Community:

PaydayPERX delivers key forms and online media to hundreds of name-brand businesses - and everyone benefits.

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Employee Perceptions:

PaydayPERX is invisible to employees - when they use your discounts, you get all the credit for providing them a bargain on the things they want.

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Enhanced perception

Our free tax-season OFX hosting means your employees get a Fortune 1000 experience when it comes to doing their taxes online - without the hassles of internal hosting.

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Everyone Benefits

PaydayPERX provides visibility to national brands, who provide great offers to employees. Their revenue either reduces your forms costs or creates a positive revenue stream, depending on the product.

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Smile More at Work

HR, Payroll and Procurement can focus on big-picture solutions and big wins, once employee discount projects are offloaded to PaydayPERX.

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Relevant and Desirable

PaydayPERX has agreements directly with leading national brands, providing offers that employees want on goods and services they actually use.


PaydayPERX offers a variety of high-quality, high-security solutions for various forms that are traditionally an unavoidable, bottom-line expense. In the digital age, companies now use online solutions to cut some of those costs, and PaydayPERX can generate a revenue stream where there is no hard cost to reduce.

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PaydayPERX works directly and indirectly with thousands of large employers all over the US, from giant multimationals like Equifax to regional companies like Active Staffing in NYC and Superior Grocers in Los Angeles. Since 2001, we have built our brand on trust and reliability, which are absolute necessities when we provide the most secure forms that businesses use - their live paychecks and payroll tax forms.

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Retail, Restaurants, and thousands of other companies


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