PaydayPERX helps HR and Payroll teams do more, without creating more work or expense.

We're the originators of national brand offer placements directly on pressure-sealed W-2 forms and a variety of tax envelopes, and the sole provider of a discreet offer banner that displays directly on your existing online payroll via a secure script - no new websites to log into, and no membership payments of any kind.

These aren't just great offers from national brands - they also save real dollars from bottom line business expenses like payroll paper stock and W-2 envelopes, and even generate revenue streams from breakroom posters and online, to offset other HR or Payroll expenses, essentially giving you a budget increase.

Helping HR & Payroll since 2002

We not only save money for the company, we bring great offers to employees (and HR gets the credit)! We are a trusted forms partner, a reliable digital service provider, and most important of all, we have taken extraordinary care to curate offers that employees really want, because we're entrusted with some of the most secure documents businesses use - their paychecks and W-2s.

What customers say:

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