Great offers, and more budget for key initiatives

PaydayPERX has been working closely with HR professionals from the beginning, seeking out the best national brands with the most relevance to employees at work. With their help we designed ways to bring highly visible, but non-disruptive unique offers and discounts for employees into the workplace - on print and online payroll, live payroll check paper, and breakroom posters, as well as on discount certificates that national brands could target to specific companies or geographies.

HR personnel need to perform many complicated and time-intensive tasks. While everyone wants to bring great discounts to their employees, whether for specific retention initiatives, as a morale boost or simply to further enhance the company experience, the effort can be a huge time sink and a real resource drain away from things that stakeholders may consider more important, no matter what size the company is.

Human Resources is sometimes short on...resources

Employees clearly want to receive benefits on the basis of where they work, and to some extent these discounts are expected at large companies. But the effort to track them down, maintain them, remove them when they've expired, or actively seek new offers out can eat into other mission critical work. A small company will naturally have limited numbers of HR personnel, but larger ones have exponentially more responsibility that can still overwhelm even a large staff.

Many companies outsource employee discounts to brands that specialize in that area, and that can help meet the need; but those programs tend to cost a painful amount of money, usually connect the discounts to their own brand, not your company, and after all that, employees with discount site programs often aren't even aware of their existence. It can be very frustrating for HR Professionals.

That's where PaydayPERX comes in.

We love it when people have heard of us, but we also love it when they haven't - we know they've heard of our customers (Like Kroger® & Texas Roadhouse®), our partners (Like Equifax®) and the brands that place their offers on our media (Like H&R Block®, Verizon® and Samsung®). Those are the brands we build up.

Our products are unique in the industry, and our business model is too; rather than enriching ourselves off of HR Departments paying us for our services, we sell the space to national brands and use the revenue to pay for production, with some left over for the HR Department as a revenue share in many cases. Our various media ensure that people are aware of their discounts - it's hard to miss them when they're printed right on your payroll check backer, or on the back of your W-2 envelope, or on a huge poster hanging in the breakroom for three months.

If you're in Human Resources, and want less frustration and better employee engagement, without adding to the daily workload or the budget expenses of your company in any way - call us at 614-471-2435 or fill out the form below and let us know the details. We'll get in touch right away.

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