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What we do

Founded in 2002, PaydayPERX is the industry leader in the at-work marketing space. We work with national brand advertisers to place their offers and discounts on employer forms and webpages.

How it works - for employers and business service providers

PaydayPERX places special discounts for employees on employer and provider payroll forms, intranet sites and more. The national brand then subsidizes the cost of the forms, and for online items and posters without a cost, employers make positive revshare rather than a cost savings. Our products include:

How it works - for marketers

PaydayPERX offers exposure on millions of business forms monthly across the US. We work directly with print manufaccturers to print your offers and coupons directly on the form and provide a turnkey script to embed offers directly on employer payroll sites.

We also can distribute discount certificates, breakroom posters and sampling based on geography and other selects to an ad-hoc network of employers - we verbally confirm their opt-in status before printing and mailing.

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Your PaydayPERX Success Team

Who are the people at PaydayPERX? We're all eager to create success for your business with our products. Find out more about us here!

Bob Wolfe
VP, National Sales

Bob Wolfe

Classic Rocker Bob Wolfe
  • Bob Wolfe is a sales professional with over 32 years of consultative, solutions-based marketing and sales experience. He's demonstrated success driving multi-million dollar sales growth, and has launched many new products at PaydayPERX.
  • His current focus is on integrated, multiple touchpoint campaigns, both offline and online.
  • Bob earned his M.A. in Mass Communications and B.S. in Advertising from the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida (Go Gators!).
  • Bob throws an amazing theme party every year at his home, at which his multi-album, indie classic rock band, The Mad Cows, is the headliner.
Dana Bromberg

Dana Bromberg

Movie Trivia Mogul Dana Bromberg
  • As CEO, Dana helps run sales and manages many of our long-standing partnerships. He spends much of his time in the field with our customers to find out how we can better serve their needs.
  • Dana has spent over 20 years mentoring his little brother Tyshun Williams, who has grown up to be a fine young man and father of 3.
  • Dana is an avid golfer and now spends much of his weekends caddying in tournaments all over the country for his 7 year old son, Elijah, who is also an avid golfer.
  • Dana once won an all-expense-paid trip to the Bahamas in a chicken wing eating contest, besting over 70 competitors.
  • He also got a hole in one during a charity outing on a par 4. They were giving a car away for a hole in one--on all par 3’s. As a last-minute prize, Dana was given a cake (that said "Happy Birthday Tom"), and a $200 bar tab.
  • Link up with Dana on LinkedIn!
Danny Fisher
VP, National Sales

Danny Fisher

Shock Jock Radio Personality Danny Fisher
  • Danny Fisher comes from the radio advertising world, with decades of experience matching up national brands to their best audience.
  • Danny has expanded our company's musical talent as well - Danny was a member of a band that played shows with the Beach Boys, Poco, and The Everly Brothers.
  • On scrum calls we try to call him by his old nickname, "Fish", to clarify between Danny and Dani, but sometimes we forget. You can call him Danny, or Fish. But call him!
  • Danny has coached his two sons' baseball and basketball teams for the past seven years! But he doesn't have his own line of shoes yet.
Debbie Grames
Executive Sales Assistant

Debbie Grames

Animal Champion Debbie Grames
  • Debbie Grames is our Executive Sales Assistant. She coordinates proposals, contracts, samples and correspondence related to business development and advertising prospects and clients.
  • Debbie served in the US Army Reserve for 6 years. She is working to become fluent in Spanish and also wants to run the NYC Marathon!
  • Debbie loves dogs, baseball, and almost any outdoor activity that involves fresh air, sunshine and her family. The latest interest is in climbing.
  • Connect with Debbie on Linkedin:
Lynn Ecimovich
Director of Operations

Lynn Ecimovich

Celebrity Chef Lynn Ecimovich
  • Director of Operations, or getting things done and where they need to be on time.
  • Experienced in both advertising and manufacturing worlds and working on the processes to ensure efficient effective outcomes.
  • Believes in “Da Bears” even though its not easy.
Mark Gillespie
VP, Business Development

Mark Gillespie

antique cell phone collector Mark Gillespie
  • Mark's main role is to seek out prospective employer and business partner clients, and new channels that benefit from our Products and Services.
  • Originally, Mark is from Ohio and is a graduate of the University of Toledo. He's lived in Florida just over 10 years.
  • Mark says he has a tendency to hold on to his cell phones way too long. He used a flip phone up until about 2013. He didn't know of anyone under the age of 55 that had one, other than him. Maybe all those retirement folks in Florida are rubbing off on him :)
Monica Bower
VP, Marketing

Monica Bower

antique cell phone collector Mark Gillespie
  • Monica is the head of Marketing at PaydayPERX, with significant involvement in PaydayPERX product development.
  • Since her first marketing job with Macola Software back in 1994, she has focused on putting technology to work - and now she can also put advertising 'to work'.
  • Monica lives with her husband and 16-year-old daughter in a log cabin in the country tricked out with all the latest gadgets, and more computers, game consoles and tablets than she is willing to count.
  • She paints quirky acrylic and oil canvases that decorate the PaydayPERX offices, and has lately gotten into painting fantasy miniatures. She eagerly admits to being a huge nerd.
TJ Oglesbee
Dir. Finance and Accounting

TJ Oglesbee

antique cell phone collector Mark Gillespie
  • TJ joined PaydayPERX in September 2016, as the Director of Finance and Accounting.
  • A veteran of the solid waste industry, she spent twenty years with Waste Management at both local and regional levels, most recently as a Business Analyst at their corporate office in Houston, Texas.
  • While not at work, TJ and her husband enjoy exploring the country in their motorhome.


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