PaydayPERX curates some of the most innovative ad space in the industry.

We're the originators of advertising placements directly on pressure-sealed W-2 forms and a variety of tax envelopes, and the sole provider of advertising space directly on printed and digital payroll.

We also offer great rates on targeted campaigns for breakroom posters, discount certificates, or sampling in your specific geos or DMA areas of interest.

PaydayPERX can use your art or develop artwork to spec for you from your materials at no additional charge.

At-work visibilty since 2002

PaydayPERX offers employers a variety of products that either save real money off of bottom line business forms expenses, or actually generate additional revenue streams. We do this by placing offers from national and regional brands on payroll and tax forms, posters, discount certificates or other products inside the workplace, away from the noise and clutter of traditional marketing.

Employers love PaydayPERX because we not only save money for the company, but we bring great offers to employees (and HR gets the credit)! And marketing professionals love PaydayPERX because we bring them large volumes of engaged consumers as a captive audience, at a price comparable to or lower than traditional media. On payday, employees even have cash-in-hand!

What customers say:

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