PaydayPERX W-2 Record Hosting and Delivery

I want to upload my W-2 info into my tax prep program automatically, so I dont have to retype it by hand.

How can I do that?"

PaydayPERX can help!

If you're in Payroll or HR, you may have been asked by employees if they can get their W-2 early, or wondered if there was an easy and safe way to provide auto-import features to your employees without the hassle and expense of your own technoligy solution. Setting up direct connections with tax preparers is a daunting and potentially expensive task, and requires a lot of time right in the middle of year-end and tax season when you have better things to do.

PaydayPERX already has a large-scale connection, hosting the W-2 data of over a thousand small and medium-sized businesses, and we offer FREE upload and storage of your tax file record on our existing OFX server, with connections to H&R Block and TurboTax. Early W-2s and auto-import for your employees are as easy as uploading your tax file to the server - we take care of the hardware and connections, and your employees get professional-grade features that you can take all the credit for - we're invisible in the process.

Trusted record partner of H&R Block and TurboTax

Tax preparers like H&R Block and TurboTax make it possible for employees to pull W-2 data into their online tax prep, or access the data inside of H&R Block locations, without needing to type anything by hand. Employers upload their Tax File records to our free OFX host service, maintained by our technology partner Professional Automation Services (PAS); and when employees use H&R Block or TurboTax, the tax preparer software accesses them using industry-standard validation in the secure OFX format. The OFX validation process and encryption of records in transit meet and exceed bank-level security standards; proper authentication is required to view any record, and the tax preparers can only receive data that was individually requested by the employee. Records are securely destroyed at the end of the late filer season.

It's easy to participate, any time of year! You can upload in January for the current tax year, or after April for late filer season. Records are securely destroyed at the end of late filer season in November in preparation for the new tax year. There's no obligation for employees to use the service; it's there if they want it, and free for you to provide it. We can even help you get the word out to your employees about this great benefit to them at tax time with free newsletter, email or blog content.

Find out more and upload your records!

It's easy to participate and your record upload should only take a few minutes. Find out all the details on our FAQ!

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