Payroll is practically in our name.

The foundation of PaydayPERX is Payday, and the people and processes involved in making it happen, week after week and year after year. Our original lineup of products was exclusively centered on payroll paper stock and the distribution of payroll to employees.

Payroll works on a tight budget.

Payroll cost management is fundamental to business health, and that means the payroll staff usually doesn't have a lot of spare budget to work with. PaydayPERX offers deeply discounted live payroll stock, and free W-2 envelopes and pressure-seal forms, delivering the kinds of bottom line cost containment that companies never expect to find.

Payroll folks are busy folks.

PaydayPERX makes it easy to order and reorder payroll forms, tax envelopes, and W-2s. We handle all the changeouts and reporting for our online payroll products. We know the team depends on you, and we strive to take on some of your workload, rather than ever creating more work for you.

Payroll needs stability and security.

The term 'mission critical' is almost too mild when describing the importance of payroll in the company. Delays or mistakes are an armageddon scenario, and there is zero tolerance for any issues. We get it; we have designed all our product lines around this fact, and we like to address it head-on.

  • Our payroll checks deliver on a two month schedule with timely offers that need to run right away. But we know there can be variances in paper use, especially over a large volume of checks, so we also sell deeply discounted safety stock to ensure you will never run out of checks for a payroll run.
  • We call you for check reorders on a set schedule, and specifically inquire about the levels of safety stock you have remaining to maintain a cushion, rather than over-ordering our checks with offers and then giving stale or expired offers to employees.
  • You approve every offer on all media before it goes to employees.
  • Our online payroll offer banner uses a simple javascript call or iframe html element to display your digital offers that are hosted and maintained on our secure server, with a 2048-bit encrypted SSL pipeline.
  • This bank-level security not only ensures that the connection won't be intercepted, but it also means that the only data in transit is the offer your server is requesting from us.
  • Since you're pulling data from us, the connection is only 1-way; we can't 'see' anything on the page where you're placing the banner. No information can move from your server back to ours, and the only information in transit is the offer image and link, so if a malicious third party somehow did invest the time, money and resources to hack the stream - all they'd get is the coupon.
  • This also means your employees won't need to remember a second password for a discount site, so they won't be calling/emailing your team to get their password reset all the time.

If you're in Payroll, and want more budget and less work without compromising security or stability in any way, be sure to complete the form below and we can connect on next steps right away!

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