PaydayPERX Privacy Policy

How your information is collected and used by PaydayPERX

Your personal information is safe with PaydayPERX; we only collect what you share with us on our contact forms, and your activity on the site is only tracked in aggregate, to help us optimize our content. We do not collect your IP address, email, or any other details specific to you when you use our site, and unless you contact us, we won't place you in any mailing database.

Data Collection

PaydayPERX primarily uses Google Analytics as a trusted site traffic and analytics tool. The Google privacy policy may be viewed at this link.

PaydayPERX also uses the Salesforce CRM platform which may include web visit tracking via Pardot or a different Salesforce property. While this data may be used to create and score visitors as potential leads, no outreach will occur unless it is directed first by you, the user, via completion of one of our contact forms, calling our offices or field staff, or sending an email to one or more PaydayPERX employees or partner companies. This data is never shared with or sold to any other company outside of PaydayPERX.

Data Disposal

Paydayperx may store your form data, emails, and transcripts of calls indefinitely. Aggregate web behavior data is stored and disposed of according to Google's privacy policy regarding data retention.

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