PaydayPERX Product Index

The depth of the PaydayPERX product library can be a little overwhelming at first. That's OK - we've been in business for more than sixteen years, and in that time we've come up with a host of effective ways to reach your ideal audience inside the workplace. You don't need to memorize them before you get started, but a summary of each one might be helpful in prompting further discussion.

The variety means you can dial in on precisely what you need, all but eliminating wastage and ensuring your advertising dollars are working hard, while they're at work.

Media:About:Avg. Circ.Good Fit For:
W-2 Forms and EnvelopesPlace your ad directly on your chosen W-2 forms and envelopes. Take advantage of tax season and tax refunds.20 millionTax preparers, big ticket item retailers, wireless providers
Print and Online PayrollYour offer appears on your chosen printed payroll stock and online payroll landing pages. Reach a captive audience of customers who literally have cash in-hand.1.5 million per monthRetailers, oil changes and other services, fitness and wellness, restaurants, ticket brokers, wireless providers, other national brands; internet brands on online payroll
Breakroom Posters - DirectYour offer appears on a network of employers who display our posters quarterly. Enjoy near 100% top of mind, and use our textback service for easy fulfillment.Millions of monthly viewsSimilar to payroll but extremely effective for restaurants; also oil changes and other services, fitness and wellness, retailers and membership clubs, ticket brokers, wireless providers, other national brands
Breakroom Posters - Ad HocWe use our 100% opted-in network to display your breakroom poster in the companies and/or geographies that matter to you, beyond our quarterly network. We verbally confirm opt-in status and collect confirmation data.You set the circulation numberSimilar to the direct posters, but advertisers can dial in on specific demographics as well. Always great for restaurants, automotive, fitness and wellness, retailers and membership clubs, ticket brokers, wireless providers, apparel and footwear, other national brands
Discount CertificatesPut the PaydayPERX spin on the classic direct mail campaign. We hypertarget your demographics and geographic requirements to deliver your discount certificates directly to a 100% verbally opted-in audience of consumers in the workplace.You set the circulation numberRestaurants, retailers, automotive, groceries, apparel, personal hygiene, fitness and wellness, cosmetics, otc medications, Consumer Packaged Goods (CPGs)
SamplingPaydayPERX utilizes a 100% verbally opted-in network as well as experienced and effective street teams to deliver your samples directly to targeted workplaces.You set the circulation numberConsumer Packaged Goods (CPGs), grocery items, cosmetics, candy and gum, and any retailer whose product makes for good samples.

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