PaydayPERX Product Overview

The depth of the PaydayPERX product library can be a little overwhelming at first. That's OK - we've been in business for more than sixteen years, and in that time we've come up with a variety of useful solutions for saving money on forms, for getting great offers in front of employees, and for making sure everyone benefits. You don't need to memorize them before you get started, but a summary of each one might be helpful in prompting further discussion.

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W-2 Forms and EnvelopesPrinted by the top tax form printers in the US, with tax prep and one other relevant offer. Single run merge with your data or blank forms for you to print - or we can provide art only and you can work with any printer you wish.Envelopes and pressure-seal forms are free; just pay shipping. Quantities as low as one box, to millions of forms/envelopes.
Print and Online PayrollOffers are preprinted on the reverse of your live payroll check stock, and integrated via a simple javascript on your online payroll landing page, installed 1 time, to handle changeouts and page view counts.Print checks have a nominal cost (call 614-471-2435 or send in the form below for a quote) to cover production, plus shipping. Online generates a royalty per pageview that can offset the cost of print forms, or either can run as a standalone program. Online includes an employee plaza with hundreds more offers, and it can promote your existing employee discounts as well.
Breakroom PostersPaydayPERX supplies posters for each breakroom or location, preprinted with a single offer for employees. Posters have a self-adhesive strip and instructions on the reverse for managers to post near OSHA poster or other employee location. Can be sent direct to locations from your mailing list, or you can receive in bulk and distribute in your normal field location mailings.Quarterly payment for each poster hung and self-confirmed. Great ancillary revenue stream for companies with large field operations. Also comes in a slightly different format for Corporate Responsibility and Charity Orgs.

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