Kroger, Texas Roadhouse, Macy's, Barnes & Noble, Panera Bread...

And many more employers work with us directly on a long-term basis.

We can also specifically target large employers anywhere in the US with breakroom posters, discount certificates and sampling programs.

If you're on a sales team that targets specific companies, or if you already market to employees at work and are looking to expand the footprint of your existing employee discount program for more visibility in your current company base, or to expand that base to additional companies, let us know and we can assist you.

Reach your ideal audience inside specific companies

Employer Partners

PaydayPERX works directly and indirectly to place advertiser media with thousands of large employers all over the US, from giant multimationals like Equifax to large local companies like Superior Grocers in Los Angeles. Since 2002, we have built our brand on trust and reliability, which are absolute necessities when we provide the most secure forms that businesses use - including their live paychecks and payroll tax forms.

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A Variety of Options

Certain employers use certain Paydayperx forms or other products; sometimes the best approach is a hybrid of company and geo targeting, or a blend of different product types to most effectively reach and exceed your goals for your PaydayPERX campaign. Let our experienced sales team help you develop an effective plan to reach the companies that matter to you - simply contact us using the form below and we'll give you the tools to reach and exceed your marketing goals.

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