Target specific drive times or distances around your locations.

Or size up to multi-state targeting of specific types of businesses. PaydayPERX harnesses the latest in geotargeting, data cross-referencing and heat map technologies to deliver exceptional at-work marketing results.

PaydayPERX brings you unique access to customers while they're at work, where people most people spend the majority of their daytime hours, and where they plan their evening and weekend activities, their vacations and their weddings.

Reach your ideal audience inside exact geographic areas

PaydayPERX has invested in a significant upgrade to geographic targeting capabilities over the past several years, and is now able to deliver highly accurate, opted-in audiences within specific drive times, distances, or GPS-defined areas. This is of significant value to national advertisers who don't benefit from targeting a company with a different geographic footprint, as well as to marketers responsible for particular geographies or involved in campaigns that differ from region to region.

Scale way up, or way down

PaydayPERX is able to deliver your discount certificate campaign, breakroom poster campaign, or sampling campaign of virtually any size to virtually any geography inside the US, large or small, with a guaranteed opted-in, at-work audience that will not only accept and promote the offer but will also provide critical insights into performance via our confirmation process.

It's direct to consumer with a twist

PaydayPERX reaches your consumers where they're spending most of their day, and generating word of mouth immediately, at the point of contact. Let us help you dial in your exact geographic targeting along with other variables like income levels, age ranges, education levels and much more to give your marketing the most receptive and engaged audience possible. Let us know you'd like to know more via the form below, or give us a call at 614-471-2435!

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