What's the big deal about at-work advertising?

It inserts your brand into the workday conversation.

93% of employees shop online, run errands or shop at nearby stores during breaks. 1 in 5 reported doing all 3 in a given week.

Employees view offers at work as a corporate benefit with the implied endorsement of their company.

Why Target the Workplace?

Since 2002 PaydayPERX has seen the power of reaching people while they work, in an environment that remains free of advertising clutter. Many of our major advertisers have experienced ROIs and redemption rates that may seem to defy belief.

H&R Block® has experienced an ROI of nearly 40:1 on their advertising directly on W-2 forms and envelopes, and Chipotle® saw a redemption rate on their payroll check advertising of nearly 35%. And in a world where a 0.02% online response is a win -- 1 click for every 5000 views -- several of our online payroll advertisers have experienced response rates above 0.4%, or 1 in 250 views.

These numbers are simply not possible with traditional mass media, targeted digital, or even social marketing efforts, where wastage degrades the effectiveness of every advertising dollar spent. While not typical for all advertisers, these results are possible for many advertisers. This is the power of perfect alignment between your product or service, and the closed, captive audience of at-work targets, where word of mouth and proximity are force multipliers for success.

Get your Marketing to Work.

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Leverage the Workplace

While these are not typical results, they are absolutely possible results for a variety of advertisers when the offer, the audience, and the media align perfectly.

With PaydayPERX you are guaranteed visibility, not simply by humans (some digital can't even promise that!) but from an engaged, employed audience of budget-conscious humans, very often with cash in hand. Employees are conditioned to anticipate and use these offers, and do so with the implied endorsement of their employer. Campaigns create immediate word of mouth with co-workers, whose endorsements matter more than those of Facebook friends or Twitter followers. They even go out to eat in groups that are often larger than families.

We'll Help Every Step of the Way!

PaydayPERX works with you to create that best offer, to target your best audience, and to choose your ideal media and delivery methods from our library of products. We seek to build long-term, highly efficient advertising campaigns inside corporate borders, and some of our largest customers have also been with us the longest (H&R Block®, for instance, is entering the 15th continuous year of advertising with PaydayPERX). Even if you've never placed an offer specifically targeting the workplace before, we've been doing it successfully since 2002, for some of the largest advertisers in the US, and we're happy to share our expertise to ensure you get the most work from your working ad dollars.

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